Coming Soon Full Integration TreeVault with Family Tree Maker

Introducing TreeVault


Think of TreeVault Cloud Services as the digital hub for your genealogy research. You start by uploading your tree from Family Tree Maker to TreeVault. That creates a private FTM cloud tree which is updated automatically each time you make a change in your FTM tree. Having a cloud tree means you have a secure, up to date copy of your family history, and the advantage of viewing your family tree any time through the new FTM Connect app on your iPad or iPhone.

TreeVault Cloud Services

Cloud Trees. As a TreeVault subscriber you can upload your Family Tree Maker tree to create a smart cloud tree copy that is automatically updated with each change you make. That provides a digital copy for emergency recovery and allows secure access to your tree through Family Tree Maker mobile apps.

FTM Connect. A free mobile app, FTM Connect provides a real-time view of your Family Tree Maker cloud tree. Great for sharing your tree with relatives and for placing your iPad next to your desktop computer as a continuous tree view monitor.

AlbumWALK Integration. AlbumWALK creates photos with embedded Soundspotâ„¢ recordings that may be added to your cloud tree and then automatically passed to your desktop copy of Family Tree Maker. They will appear in the media workspace where they can be played, connected to people on your FTM tree, and further edited.

Next of Kin Service. As a TreeVault subscriber you may designate a successor to your account. You will get a certifcate that may be included with a will, providing instructions and passcodes for taking over your account. The service will also transfer your Family Tree Maker license so that the designated keeper of your family's history does not need to purchase a copy.

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