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With TreeVault, Family Tree Maker is no longer an isolated desktop application, but rather the hub of a growing ecosystem of mobile apps and cloud services. View changes in your FTM tree in realtime on a smartphone or tablet. Know what the weather was like the day your grandfather was born. Sleep better knowing that an up to date copy of your tree is securely tucked away in the cloud, that someday will be passed on to the next generation for you. Don't have Family Tree Maker?
  • Emergency Tree restore service
  • Family Tree Maker Connect mobile tree viewer app
  • Next of Kin tree continuity service
  • Historical Weather a billion weather records
  • Media Backup up to the minute cloud copy
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Media plus

TreeVault Top Features

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Emergency Tree® Restore Service

TreeVault keeps a cloud copy of your tree data and media collection updated every 15 seconds ready to hand back to you if your hard drive should crash or some other catastrophe strikes. Watch video...
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Family Tree Maker Connect

Family Tree Maker Connect is a free mobile app for iPad, iPhone, and Android that displays your latest FTM tree anywhere, any time — even when your computer is off.
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Next of Kin®

The Next of Kin cloud service allows you to designate a successor to inherit your FTM tree, ensuring that your family's legacy is passed along to the next generation. That includes your full media collection if you select the Media Plus subscription level, and any images in your tree if your tree is synched with Ancestry. When the time comes, your successor will receive all the instructions and passcodes needed to pick up where you left off, including a copy of Family Tree Maker. Watch video...
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Historical Weather®

Historical Weather lets you set the scene for events in your family story with more than a BILLION historical weather records going all the way back to the 1800's. With Smart Weather SentencesTM in FTM 2019, all that fascinating historical weather data can now be automatically added to your Smart StoriesTM and books with just a single checkbox. And not just dry facts but reader-friendly descriptions of conditions on a particular day. Watch video...

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